Thomas Lin Attorney at Law


Civil, criminal, and administrative litigation, real estate act, compulsory enforcement, government procurement, fair trade, tax planning, intellectual property rights, securities investment, arbitration and mediation, financial institutions mergers and acquisitions, and economic Analysis of law.


  • National Chengchi University, Department of Law, LLM (2005)
  • National Chengchi University, Department of Law, LLB (1999)
  • National Chengchi University, Department of Economics, BEc(1999)



  • Taiwan-qualified lawyer (2001)
  • Taiwan patent agent (2002)
  • Professional agent of land registration (1997)



  • CHING-HONG ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW, Managing Attorney(2003 to present)
  • FAR EAST LAW OFFICES, Attorney at Law(2001-2003)
  • Legal Aid Consultant for New Taipei City Government(2011 to present)
  • Legal Consultant for New Taipei City Government(2009 to present)
  • Legal Consultant for Taipei City Government(2007 to present)
  • Review Board for Banqiao Branch of Legal Aid Foundation(2009-2016)
  • Legal Consultant for Association for Victims Support(2011 to present)
  • Legal Consultant for Eden Social Welfare Foundation(2011 to present)
  • Legal Consultant for Social Welfare Center of New Taipei City Wenshan District(2011 to present)
  • Lecturer of Ministry of National Defense Manpower Division(2011)
  • Legal Consultant for Chihlee Institute of Technology(2008)
  • Legal Consultant for Legal Aid Foundation (Taipei and New Taipei City Branches)(2006 to present)
  • Legal Administrator for Military Procurement of Armaments Bureau(2005-2006)
  • Lecturer of Military Central District Court Prosecutors Office(The Rules and Skills of Examination for the Attorney in the Court )(2005)
  • National Chengchi University Department of Law Legal Service Club Team leader(2000)
  • Project Research Assistant of Fair Trade Commission(1999)
  • National Chengchi University Department of Law Research Assistant(1999)



  • The Legal and Economic Analysis of Competition Arising from Financial Institutions Merger and Acquisition, National Chengchi University Department of Law Master’s Thesis(2006)
  • The Analysis of the Escrow System by Real Estate Management company, Real Estate Management Journal(October 2009)
  • Studies on Standing of Plaintiff and Other Disputes of Prosecution of the Third-Party Opposition Proceeding, The Military Law Journal(August 2011)
  • The Disclosure of Telecom Providers-The Protection Between Personal Information and Public Interest, Court Case Times(December 2014)


  • The Procurement of Southern Taiwan Science Park Vibration Mitigation Project
  • The Invitation to Tender of Labor Community Center OT(Operation Transfer)
  • The Administrative Litigation About ‘’Gains Derived From Bond Transaction ‘’ Between Bills Finance Company and Tax Administration(The object up to 3 billion NT dollars)
  • The Arbitration Between Well-Known Consulting Company and Local Governments (The case is about the construction cost of the pier.)
  • The Mediation of Public Constructions Damage in Government Procurement Contract Performance
  • Consulting and Planning for multiple Financial Institution About Economic and Financial Law
  • Massive Explosion in New Taipei City Wugu District Compensation Litigation(pro bono case)
  • As the Agent of Governments and School to Deal with Real Estate Disputes
  • As the Agent of Listed Company to Deal with Litigation, Compulsory Enforcement, and Government Procurement
  • As the Attorney in Criminal Case for Well-Known Construction Company Responsible Persons
  • Compulsory Enforcement Case in Taipei City Daan District Prime Location
  • The Compensation of Damage Caused by Neighbor Construction Litigation Between Citizen and State-Owned Enterprise
  • Deal with the Decedent's Estate Across Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and The United States of America
  • File a Petition for Constitutional Interpretation About Criminal Punishment Issue
  • Foreigners Involved in the Criminal and Civil Litigation



Keelung, Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung bar association.